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Ludum Dare 22 Game Progress Notch and Others

Ludum Dare 22 is underway and progress is being seen all over. Notch Notch is participating in Ludum Dare once again. He is streaming his progress for this Ludum Dare as well. You can watch him make his game here. […]


Ludum Dare info: Notch and more

Ludum Dare theme voting is on now and the actual development will be on before you know it. Many developers big and small will be participating from all over the industry and even all over the world. Notch has participated […]


Ludum Dare 21 Results- Jam Edition

Ludum Dare results for Compo have been up since last night and now it is time for Jam. Overall, Fun, and Audio Winner Escape, by Schonstal, was the overall, fun, and audio winner for the Ludum Dare Jam, which is […]


Ludum Dare 21 results- compo

The Ludum Dare 21 results are in. There are now 50 entrants in each category, so we are going to give you some of the highlights. The overall winner of Ludum Dare 21 was “Flee Buster” by ChevyRay. The game […]


Ludum Dare Favorite Games

While many of us enjoyed Notch’s stream of creating his game and playing the game itself, it was not the only game made that weekend.  Ludum Dare had many indie game developers making games and here are some of our […]