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OX10c is the new Notch game

Notch revealed recently that he will be working on a new game. OX10c is a space odyssey with a heavy emphasis on programming. The name refers to a mixture commonly used in chemistry known as 10% oxygen. We assume it […]


Oh That Notch: Mars Effect Prank

Notch has been talking about his new project which is a space game for a little while now. Just yesterday he was saying he was looking for ideas for the name of the game. Now he claims he is using […]


Mojang settles with Bethesda

Despite the fact that they both have a questionable history with bugs, Mojang and Bethesda are two of our favorite companies. This is because they both give smaller sites a chance with their press. We were crushed when we found […]


Mojang’s Mojam Game: Catacomb Snatch

Catacomb Snatch the new Mojang game made for Mojam is now complete. Many people were concerned about how much would get done because of the lack of progress they saw on the streams, but in the end many have been […]


Mojam – A super charity event from Mojang

  It is probably what you are thinking. Mojang is going to do it’s own video game jam, the Mojam, to support the Humble Indie Bundle. The Mojam itself The Mojam will start Friday, February 17th at 10 Central European […]