Ludum Dare 22 Game Progress Notch and Others


Ludum Dare 22 Game Progress Notch and Others

Ludum Dare 22 is underway and progress is being seen all over.


Notch is participating in Ludum Dare once again. He is streaming his progress for this Ludum Dare as well. You can watch him make his game here.

For the theme of alone Notch has chosen to make a harvest moon type game. He is planning on having the map be randomly generated. He hopes this will be easily to do and make the game have more re playability. Sound like this game should be quite different than the dungeon crawler he did for the last time.

Notch Ludum Dare 22 3.5 hours

For this round of Ludum Dare Notch is giving his followers a chance to play the game at each stage of development. Last night after 3.5 hours of development he put up this link. At the time he put up that link, the character could only move around on a field filled with rocks and flowers. The game looks like in the screenshot above.

Update 2  1 p.m. Eastern Saturday:  Tons of NPCs all over the screen.

Game update 3

Update 3 4:15 p.m. Eastern Saturday: Less NPCs and the character can destroy tress, rocks, and flowers. Starting to look more like a game.

CodingUpdate 4 11:00 Eastern Time: The game has been named Minicraft after first calling it Minecraft Stories. He apparently ditched the Harvest Moon thing.  Now there are more NPCs again, but with green skin. There is a chest and an anvil.  You are able to pick up items. It looks like you are supposed to be able to craft.

Update 4Final Update at the end of Ludum Dare: Full game was released and can be played on the same link as before.


Of course Notch isn’t the only one making a game this weekend. There are a lot of promising games being made right now.

Sudorossy Coding

Sudorossy appears to be making a platformer with a penguin. If the first word I saw was correct it is named Motherless. You can see him coding it here.

7soul coding

In 7 Soul’s game the character can walk around and shoot from what I have seen so far. More progress can be viewed here.

Those are just a couple of the many streams going on during Ludum Dare showing the progress these participants are having you can see a list of them here.

Streams aren’t even the only way to keep track of the progress going on. Check out the Ludum Dare site itself to see journal entries from all the participants many with screenshots of their progress. I already see a lot of good things in those journal entries.





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