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Ludum Dare 21 Results- Jam Edition

Ludum Dare results for Compo have been up since last night and now it is time for Jam.

Overall, Fun, and Audio Winner

Escape, by Schonstal, was the overall, fun, and audio winner for the Ludum Dare Jam, which is amazing.  This game also won bronze for theme. This game is very good.

You play as a ninja,  jumping from wall to wall trying to avoid a laser coming up behind you and avoiding electrified portions of the wall. It is pretty addictive trying to get higher and higher up the walls. The music  is quite catchy, as would be expected from the winner of the audio category.

Ludum Dare Escape Death



Faceless by DragonSix was considered to be the most innovative. In this game you move around by sending your face to other bodies. It is a pretty interesting concept.


Escape by TerryDiF won for theme having a very appropriate point and click adventure. If you like games in this genre you should check it out.

Escape Want These Keys
Hope you didn’t want these keys.



Spiritual by TeamJollyRoger won for graphics. From the beginning it looks very nice with some pictures and story before you begin. The game is very beautiful, but it is fun to play as well. It is a puzzle game where you collect the pieces and make it to a platform by navigating on the moving wooden boards.

Spiritual Wisps



Escape to the Stars Pick the Blue One

Escape to the Stars by Dookington won for humor. You are an awesome dude and you need an awesome chick before the end of the world. It is a cute little dating sim where you have some interesting choices in girls. My favorite was the blue skinned alien girl.

In order to find the rest of the results for Jam visit the Ludum Dare site. Also if you enjoyed this Ludum Dare, the mini dare is going on this weekend.

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