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Ludum Dare 28 Ends Soon

Ludum Dare 28 is almost into the judging phase so we’re going to go over how it has gone and some noteworthy games from indies we cover. Of course we can’t get everyone we like on here but feel free […]


Ludum Dare 24- Why it Matters to us

Ludum Dare 24 and why Ludum Dare is still special Ludum Dare is the one place where indie stars get their start. Whether you want to practice or be noticed by the press, it is for you. It is a […]


PIPA Jam from Ludum Dare

We can all rejoice now that it seems that SOPA is dead in the water. Whooooooo. Alright, rejoicing done. Now PIPA is threatening the internet in a similar way. As a result numerous authors from Notch to SOS are going […]


Ludum Dare 22: A Tale of Kittens and Forever Alone

The time to make games for Ludum Dare 22  is over and now it is time to look over the games. With 891 game entries playing all of them would take quite a bit of time. Two types of games […]


Notch’s Game: Minicraft Overview

 Notch made a clone of his game Minecraft called Minicraft. This was for Ludum Dare 22 that had the theme “alone”. Minicraft is a 2D top-down version of Minecraft. The maps are randomly generated  containing rocks, flowers, trees, deserts, water, […]