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League of Legends: Week in review 2

A lot has been going on in League of Legends, mostly surrounding Gamescom and Dominion mode. As their site mentions, Riot will be streaming Dominion Mode from Friday, August 19th to Sunday, August 21st. They will be streaming League of […]


League of Legends: Week in review 1

Riot games is announcing new details on the Dominion map for League of Legends. League of Legends producers have recently released a new spotlight for their map.This video mostly focuses on the music and environment of the Dominion map. While […]


League of Legends Dominion mode trailer

From the League of Legends website, a new trailer is out for Dominion mode. Although League of Legends gave us a lot of data we already knew, like short games, they do give us a taste of the unique quest […]


LoL’s Dominion mode is coming for you

League of legends has announced a new capture point style Dominion mode. It will see a new gameplay mode where you hold points on an entirely new map called “Crystal Scar”. Dominion mode rumors state that it will be an […]


Tribunal Hilarity

Some names have been changed to protect the stupid and the innocent. There is some mild profanity due to it being the Tribunal, so parental discretion is advised. You can find the Tribunal here. Tribunal Quotes Useful rocks: i don’t […]