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Exploring Premium Currency

Developers are putting what they call “premium currency” into so many games today. What is Premium Currency? This refers to the collection of cards, virtual tokens and other forms of money transfer paid for with real money. This is the […]


Major League Gaming – how it changes the industry

Major League Gaming has come under fire recently by many people in the community. In this article we will be exploring how Major League Gaming has changed the gaming scene. This will be a neutral article, exploring the good and […]


League of Legends Xerath guide/review

Then new League of Legends champion Xerath is a nice change of pace. I’m doing this review instead of Tao because I’m known for playing zoning champs. It is nice to see League of Legends trying something new with a […]


Nerd News Bites 4: Minecraft Mobs, Dominion, and Lighting

We have collected some of the best update news for you from popular games like League of Legends, Minecraft, Terraria and other games. Minecraft Tomorrow there is supposed to be a patch or “leak” for Minecraft if they feel that it […]


Nerd News Bites 3: Notch, Terraria and League of Legends

This week there have been many teasers from sources like Notch, Terraria developers, League of Legends, and others. Find them all in one place and get your fill on the future of some very popular games. Notch Notch said on […]