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Nerd News Bites 4: Minecraft Mobs, Dominion, and Lighting

We have collected some of the best update news for you from popular games like League of Legends, Minecraft, Terraria and other games.


  • Tomorrow there is supposed to be a patch or “leak” for Minecraft
    if they feel that it is not ready to go out yet.
  • Jeb said that he finished most of  his update to the nether, including two hostile mobs.
  • Notch posted on his twitter a picture of a new mob. He originally called it a snowman, but later said it was a snow golem.

Minecraft Snow Golem

  • He said that the new snow golem would be something you could craft, it would be friendly and throw snowballs. Don’t take it to a hot biome though, or it will melt.
  • The snow golem would also spread snow as it walked.
  • No news on whether this would be part of the update for tomorrow.


  • The new colored torches have been shown.

Terraria New Torches

  • They appear to be making regular torches less useful. However, looking at the before and after regular torch pics shows us something. The light will have a bit less range and be less bright. But you should see for yourself. 

League of Legends 

  • Normal draft has been made a regular mode for good.
  • League of Legends Dominion Limited Beta is starting today. They will be announcing the times on the forums, so keep an eye on them to get to see this new mode before full release.

Other Games

  • Rusty Hearts has just been released free to play on Steam. It is a fantasy rpg where there are vampires, witches and more in between.
  • Octodad 1.5.2 has been made ready for the Kinect.  Young Horses will be presenting it at Fantastic Arcade.
  • Project Stormos is now available for download on IndieDB.
  • Cobalt has added a new survival mode. In this new mode you grab energy points while trying not to die to enemies that keep getting stronger. There is a video of the new mode on youtube.


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