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Minecraft 1.2 is out just for you

That’s right, Minecraft 1.2 is out and Jeb has really done some work. It’s actually the 1.2.1 patch. Not only have they created several new features for the AI, they also have new creatures. The new Minecraft 1.2 changelog New […]


Nerd News Bites 7: Terraria Holiday Update and more

The holidays are coming up and lots of games like Terraria, Dungeon Defenders and others are ready to give out new content to celebrate. Terraria The new update 1.1.1 is supposed to be released on December 15th. The update is […]


Mojang crew helps out blogger

Jeb of Mojang announced on his twitter account that they would be helping out an influential blogger who was getting evicted. Mojang is doing something very special for Mark Cooper, also known as “Astragali: The Minecraft Scribe”.  Mark been a […]


Minecraft 1.0 guide to new content

Minecraft 1.0 has finally been released with the advent of Minecon. Come hear about some of the new features here and learn some basic things you can do. Minecraft has had a ton of changes since its last non-testing candidate. […]


Minecraft portable pocket edition arrives in the iStore

Minecraft Pocket is the new version of Minecraft for iPhone and iPad. Minecraft Pocket edition delivers some of the basic functionality of the full Minecraft games. You get the same mining and basic building as in the full edition. However […]