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Starbound Beta Spotlight

After quite a bit of anticipation and some hiccups with getting it out on Steam Starbound is finally up. We’re going to take a look at it for you and see just what is going on. The Starbound Beta Right […]


Edge of Space Holds Terraria Crossover

If you can’t beat them, join them. Edge of Space has long had to face the stigma of being a Terraria clone. So they decided to say “go ahead and call us that” by having a cross-over event with that […]


Nerd News Bites 9: Terraria 1.1.2 and Cube World

We are serving up more news bites for you to savor with information on Terraria, Cube World, Lords of Uberdark, Minecraft, and Dungeon Defenders. Terraria 1.1.2 Terraria had an update this week. This update was mostly bug fixes. A changelog […]


Terraria 1.1.1: Christmas Update Changes and Guide

Time to make a new Terraria map again and frolic in the snow. The holidays are here and Terraria has updated again to spread some cheer. Changelog Additions to the game ● Added Candy Cane Blocks & Walls. ● Added […]


Nerd News Bites 7: Terraria Holiday Update and more

The holidays are coming up and lots of games like Terraria, Dungeon Defenders and others are ready to give out new content to celebrate. Terraria The new update 1.1.1 is supposed to be released on December 15th. The update is […]