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Nerd News Bites 3: Notch, Terraria and League of Legends

This week there have been many teasers from sources like Notch, Terraria developers, League of Legends, and others. Find them all in one place and get your fill on the future of some very popular games.


  • Notch said on his twitter that a prototype of Project Rex Kwon Do was finished.
  • Notch also tweeted a couple pictures of things he was working on like putting snow back in and what appears to be a red cow with something on his back.
  • Notch Tweet PictureThe things on the cow’s back are most likely the mooshrooms that Notch mentioned later. They can apparently be sheared.
  • Notch and Jakob had an interview with Forbes where they talk about Minecraft and their upcoming game Scrolls. The interview includes a screenshot from the game Scrolls.


More teasers have come out for update 1.1 the teasers include:

  • A Werewolf
  • Trees in multiple colors
  • Blue grass
  • What appears to be a fairy
  • A new lighting update where light from different things will be different colors like lava light is red.
  • The ability to make colored torches using gems.Terraria Light Update

League of Legends

  • Dominion is soon going into beta testing. The beta testing will be available to everyone during certain hours that are not peak times.
  • The ranked queues have been disabled so that ranked can be fixed. While the queues are down they are temporarily going to put up draft mode for normal.
  • The new PC Gamer magazine that talks about League of Legends has a free Caitlyn skin included.

Other Games

  • A new Katamari Damacy trailer for the PS Vita has come out. The game has a new  mechanic where you can manipulate the shape of the katamari. You will be able to shrink the size and stretch it. Hopefully this will make the game more interesting and not become annoying. The game had become a bit repetitive so a new mechanic is most likely the right way to go.
  • Playstation has announced some more content to use with your PS Move. The most noteworthy ones are DLC for Little Big Planet 2 and inFamous 2.


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