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Orc Princess Kickstarter Spotlight

The creators at Wargames Bakery who brought us the brilliant basing pads have a new project. Their recent Kickstarter features a 28mm Orc Princess which will be the premiere project on a much larger line.

A Singular Reward for the Orc Princess Kickstarter

One thing you will immediately notice about this project is that there is only one reward. It’s the Orc Princess miniature herself in this case. As such the Kickstarter itself is quite unusual but there are some clear reasons for their format.

The Orc Princess Choice

For tabletop gamers it’s clear why they made this choice. A female Orc is a bit unusual for any fantasy setting but Orcs are one of the most interesting races in gaming. Love them or hate them everyone takes note of them.


Warmaidens Sculpt

A Flagship Project

While there are several other models, you can think of this as their representative for the upcoming Warmaidens line. Several other princesses of all shapes and sizes will be available later on.

A Risk, and Change for Wargames Bakery

This will be their first full piece. Normally they deal with basing pads and other design details. So far their products have been excellent but it’s a huge change for them. The quality will need to be very high or it could cause serious problems for their company.

Contributing to the Orc Princess Kickstarter

Right now you can put £9 (around $13.35 USD) or more to receive the figure and let the company know whether their new line will be a success. It’s clear why they decided to go with this format. With such risk involved this helps them test the waters on the full line.

Orc Princess Color Mold

The color mold does in fact look quite impressive.

We’re interested in seeing whether test Kickstarters like this will happen more often if this one succeeds. If so it could change how many companies manage their projects.




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