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BOOMBLASTIC Kickstarter Spotlight – Easy Shooting

BOOMBLASTIC is a new and easy way for you to model weapon blasts, flamers and even lasers on your models. Advanced Plug Technology A small plug fits into the end of the weapon. You can remove it, glue it in […]


WizKids Open Returns – Expanding Across Borders

After quite some time the WizKids Open is back. HeroClix, Dice Masters and Attack Wing will all have major tournaments held starting in February and continuing for several months. History and the WizKids Open For those unfamiliar with these events […]


HeroClix Spanish Translations Upcoming – Muy Interesante

Some HeroClix lines will soon have Spanish translations. Or algunas líneas de HeroClix pronto tendrán traducciones españo. HeroClix in a Nutshell If you are unfamiliar with the game we’ll fill you in right now. Basically you create two teams of […]


Orc Princess Kickstarter Spotlight

The creators at Wargames Bakery who brought us the brilliant basing pads have a new project. Their recent Kickstarter features a 28mm Orc Princess which will be the premiere project on a much larger line. A Singular Reward for the […]


BASIUS 2 Kickstarter Spotlight

With two-sided pads and improved details the newest project from Wargames Bakery gives you all the options you need for war gaming. In addition they also have new ones for creating your own dungeons as well. Two Sides to the […]