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Wargames Bakery Kickstarter Spotlight

Today we want to go over a tabletop gaming Kickstarter that lets you make your own bases. You can already make your own bases you say? Well now you can make them with less effort and in more types. The Wargames Bakery is running a Kickstarter for a new way to do this.

The Wargames Bakery Basing Pads

These work by having you put green stuff or other modeling putty on your base. You then place it down on the basing pad. The modeling putty spreads into the mold. The pads are extremely large and reusable with a little cleaning. This is very useful for making bases for 40K, D&D or Pathfinder.

Wargames Bakery Kickstarter Featured Base

Why is the Wargames Bakery Kickstarter Interesting?

Besides the aforementioned reasons the way they laid their Kickstarter out is interesting. With each stretch goal they get you get another base choice. For anyone in tabletop gaming this is something many designers have used.

We would suggest you try the same if you are interested in a similar project. Another reason is that this is an established company. They decided they wanted a new line so they went to crowd-funding. A business of any type can do the same.

The Wargames Bakery Kickstarter Itself

This one is a little different. Unlike the many other projects where they put you in the game, you won’t be getting a pad based on your home in this one. However you will be getting several types of pads and even custom sprues if you order several pads. These include gems, bullets and mines. While this may not mean much to most people this is really useful for tabletop gamers.

If this sounds good to you then be sure to check out their project. We will definitely be checking it out ourselves. We should point out that there are different packages for American, European and UK specific buyers. This is because the company is in the United Kingdom. So be sure to get the right package if you donate.





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