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BOOMBLASTIC Kickstarter Spotlight – Easy Shooting

BOOMBLASTIC is a new and easy way for you to model weapon blasts, flamers and even lasers on your models. Advanced Plug Technology A small plug fits into the end of the weapon. You can remove it, glue it in […]


War for the Overworld Review

War for the Overworld mixes the very popular dungeon building genre with some RTS elements. It’s a bold, innovative take on this sort of game but does it work? War for the Dungeonworld When they say RTS elements they’re mostly […]


Orc Princess Kickstarter Spotlight

The creators at Wargames Bakery who brought us the brilliant basing pads have a new project. Their recent Kickstarter features a 28mm Orc Princess which will be the premiere project on a much larger line. A Singular Reward for the […]


Steampunk Infantry Kickstarter Spotlight

Once again we’re bringing tabletop enthusiasts another Kickstarter. Now we’re going to cover a Steampunk Infantry product from Zinge Industries and Curious Constructs. Advanced big guns that still have a WW2 feel to them are the order of the day […]


TerraTech Kickstarter Spotlight

Gamers all over the industry are pushing to get TerraTech funded in its last hours. After some significant media coverage we decided to help them out at the last minute as well. Modular Building in TerraTech Players can create their […]