Vertigo Void Review - True Stories of the Sun 

Vertigo Void Edge of the Sun

Vertigo Void Review

Vertigo Void brings traditional puzzle/perspective mechanics together in a surprisingly polished package for a discount title.

Vertigo Void and Sun Stories

Ever wanted to be an astronaut attempting to escape from certain death above the sun? Well now you can because that’s what you do in this game. Survive against the sun as well as the vacuum of space while attempting to reach civilization.

Vertigo Void Level Editor

Vertigo Void has an extensive level editor that lets you continue the fun even after beating every level.

Perspective Puzzles

Each puzzle takes place above the void of space. Relative gravity, switch puzzles and much more create complicated settings for each puzzle. It’s both a platformer and a perspective puzzler at the same time.

Vertigo Void and Music

For a discount title the game surprisingly has some very good music. It’s basic and retro, but really helps you think each section through. We would actually like to have the soundtrack to listen to as well. It’s incredibly mellow and calming.

Vertigo Void Hazards

Some of these hazards will really leave you wracking your brain.

Vertigo Void: Simple, Functional Graphics

While the graphics are basic they work very well for each puzzle. Sometimes less is more and that is the case here. We really like the style of art here and the game runs extremely well due to it.

Vertigo Void Steam Workshop

Steam Workshop takes the game from good to great.

Steam Workshop and Vertigo Void

Perhaps the most useful and fun aspect of the game is the fact that it has a Steam Workshop. This gives it endless replay value for puzzle fans and the game just simply would not be as good without it.

Vertigo Void Huge Maze

Some of the mazes are truly huge.

Economy Title, Amazing Content

Some games you can tell the developers just didn’t care about. This is not that game. While it’s not the prettiest game it’s easily one of the best budget titles we have ever seen. The developers clearly cared about putting together the best game they could on a severely limited budget.

Caring Developers

This title was made by two developers, James de Silva and Matthew Sanders who clearly cared about the game. Titles like this one are what make indie games great and we want them to know their work is appreciated.

Final Verdict 4/5: Amazing – Easily one of the best budget titles we have ever seen. You can really tell that the developer cared quite a bit about making an amazing game despite the budget. From the nice vertex are to the intriguing puzzle mechanics it all works extremely well. If you want a game with hours of content for puzzle fans this is it. Right now you can buy it for just 99 cents on Steam, until the sale is over. We highly recommend that you check it out. Don’t let the very inexpensive price tag dissuade you.

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