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EPSILON Early Access Preview – Tacti-Cool

EPSILON attempts to bring tactical planning into the world of squad-based FPS games. So far this game looks quite promising due to one word: Planning. EPSILON Planning What sets this game apart is the planning stage. It’s similar to the […]


Team17 announces 2016 lineup – Fresh Can of Worms

Team17 developers recently announced their upcoming titles and we will be talking a bit about each one today. It looks like the company is once again reaching out past just their normal games. That is always good news. Team17 Recreates […]


Vertigo Void Review

Vertigo Void brings traditional puzzle/perspective mechanics together in a surprisingly polished package for a discount title. Vertigo Void and Sun Stories Ever wanted to be an astronaut attempting to escape from certain death above the sun? Well now you can […]


Executive Assault Steam Greenlight Spotlight

Executive Assault showed up on our radar because it is an FPS/RTS hybrid. This one uses an approach similar to Divinity: Dragon Commander in which the player has total control but can also switch to individual units. That game was […]


The Way of Life on Steam Greenlight

The Way of Life on Steam Greenlight has some strange and very confusing visuals. They are also going about their promotion in an interesting way. For these reasons we’ve decided to cover it after an extended period of being away. […]