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Worms W.M.D. Review

Worms W.M.D. brings the most polished and robust gameplay we’ve seen in a “Worms” game to date. Is it enough to bring a new generation into the series? Weapons of Mass Destruction Worms W.M.D. has more than 80 weapons and a […]


WOLFLAME Review – Animated Art

WOLFLAME love the “Shoot Em’ Up” genre and wanted to try their own hand at a game like the legendary “Raiden”. We think they brought an interesting twist to it. Addressing the Name WOLFLAME As far as we know it’s supposed […]


ZHEROS Review – Astonishingly Average

ZHEROS attempts to bring a wacky, space-themed setup to the Beat Em’ Up genre. So far the game has been polarizing for fans and we’re going to explain to you why. Mech Suits: The Best Part of the Game By […]


The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare Review

We had high expectations for The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare and it did not let us down. It really is a worthy spiritual successor to Sarge’s Heroes. A Rundown for Busy Gamers For those without a lot of time […]


Krosmaster Arena Review – Solid Wakfu Tactics

Krosmaster Arena is a turn-based strategy game with adorable “chibi” characters from Wakfu. Krosmaster Arena and a Surprisingly Deep System Factions, buffs and debuffs are all in the game and each character has different options in that area. There are […]