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Vector Thrust Assault

Vector Thrust Review

Vector Thrust is now in the full release stage. Some of you probably already read our extensive preview here. Right now the game is still looking great for so many reasons.

Vector Thrust Detailed Fighter

Several fighters have additional touches, such as elevator flaps on the back end of this one.

Vector Thrust: Excellent Visuals, Amazing Music

The game has impressive landscapes with amazing music to back them up. While cel-shading does not always work with a game the form they used here really did. All the planes look great with a metallic sheen that could only work with that form of rendering.


Vector Thrust Landscape

Backgrounds look great as well, with additional touches you can add in the editor.

An orchestral soundtrack also brings a sense of urgency to each battle, really increasing the intensity of each battle. As we’ve said before it creates a real “Ace Combat” sort of feel, another game which is known these improvements as well.


Vector Thrust Campaign Editor

Extensive editing options let you make your own setting.

Vector Thrust and Modding

New modding options are a big part of the game. They’ve expanded upon the previous map making options and you can do more than ever. Those who really love this genre can get hours of additional gameplay from this.

Vector Thrust Combat

Explosions sometimes fill the screen as you eliminate fighters and send them spiraling to the ground.

Fast-paced combat and dozens of ships (with multiple weapon options) make it a great game for enthusiasts. Whether you love the F-15A Tomcat or the SU-25 you can find some form of your favorite jet fighter here. There are also prototype craft that you would expect in the genre.


Vector Thrust Prototype

Fictional vehicles act as boss battles. This one is a flaying fortress bristling with AA guns.

Smooth Controls and Additional Missions

The gameplay is what most of you are probably wondering about. It has improved since the earlier version. Now there is a fully fleshed out campaign with voice acting and many of the other modes have improved as well.

Final Verdict: 4/5 Great- Incredible gameplay is backed up by great visuals and a modding system which keeps everything fresh after you’ve finished the game. This is the closes you can get to having a new and highly advanced “Ace Combat” game on PC. Only a lack of innovation from previous flight sims keeps this from being the best one ever made. Be sure to check it out on Steam right now.

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  • Edwin
    Jul 13, 2015 @ 15:15 pm

    What the hell is a F-15A Tomcat theres no such thing unless its a made up thing

    • Jul 13, 2015 @ 16:59 pm

      Yes as we mention in one of the sections there are a lot of fictional variants. It’s an Ace Combat successor after all so it has a lot of base chassis with made-up variants.


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