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Vector Thrust Early Access Preview

One game attempts to bring the excellent gameplay of Ace Combat along with the great music. The foundation they have laid for their final game is quite solid.

Vector Thrust Dogfight

Vector Thrust Gameplay

Despite being in an extremely early stage the game is already quite fun. Dog-fighting is fast and fierce in this game and it has all the chaff and evasive action you would expect. Controls are tight as well which is very important in this sort of game.

An Impressive Vector Thrust Soundtrack

What we were most impressed with was the soundtrack. It has the same grand, symphonic style that you see in the best games of this genre. We’ll probably be purchasing that when it comes out in the final edition.

Vector Thrust Prototype Attack

There are also prototype planes as well. These huge bosses offer a fantasy challenge to big fights.

Challenge Modes

The meat of the gameplay comes from the interesting challenges. You fly a variety of planes in every tactical scenario possible. You unlock new planes in this manner or buy them with points.

Vector Thrust first person Dogfight

First-person mode lets you switch up the view and works quite well.


No matter what your level of expertise is you can find something to enjoy. It should be noted this is only for those who love planes or at least aerial battles. Because, well, that’s what the game is.

Future Customization

What is most interesting about this game is the fact that there are customization options for maps and campaigns. Right now they’re quite basic but could let you create a full story mode down the line.

Accessing Strike Vector

Right now it’s out on early access for $19.99 USD. The game still needs some polish as with any early access title, we had a few problems with re-assigning buttons for example. However what they have so far is already quite fun. We think the final version will be quite impressive.

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