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Steampunk Infantry Full Model

Steampunk Infantry Kickstarter Spotlight

Once again we’re bringing tabletop enthusiasts another Kickstarter. Now we’re going to cover a Steampunk Infantry product from Zinge Industries and Curious Constructs. Advanced big guns that still have a WW2 feel to them are the order of the day with this project.

A Team for Steampunk Infantry Modeling

Members working on this include Zinge and Curious Constructs team members who have years of experience in modeling. We’ve even covered some of their previous projects on here as well. As such you can expect the kit to be quite impressive.

Why Steampunk Infantry?

Well, nerds dig Steampunk. Nerds enjoy infantry. What other reason do we need? Additional bits also include ammo cases, pigeoneers and even cannons.

Big Claims on Steampunk Infantry

According to their Kickstarter “Zinge Industries have a 100% track record of delivering manufacturing projects on time with no dip in quality.” We’ve actually gotten some products from them including a basing pad they worked on and the quality was very good. If we recall correctly they also came in on time so as far as that goes they seem to be telling the truth.

Steampunk Infantry Kickstarter Rewards

As you might expect you can get many models if you support this project. From big guns to small attachments a modular design allows you to mix and match your setup. Large donators can get full weapon batteries for their trouble. If you are looking for a lot of stuff this is probably for you. If you just want your name in the credits you might look elsewhere.

Steampunk Infantry Gun

Modelers can move parts around to their liking or keep it in one consistent shape.

Supporting the Steampunk Infantry Kickstarter

Right now you can check it out their page and see if the designs work for you. Freebies will also be available for donators.

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