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Major League Gaming – how it changes the industry

Major League Gaming has come under fire recently by many people in the community. In this article we will be exploring how Major League Gaming has changed the gaming scene. This will be a neutral article, exploring the good and bad sides of the issue.

The positives of Major League Gaming

MLG has undeniably brought competition to the area of gaming. With big cash prizes and highly competitive players it is a big deal. It also helped lend credibility to gaming on a larger scene. More than that it encourages teamwork when things go right. Their codified rules and practices also help keep the game more legitimate.

It also helps inexperienced players learn from streaming. This helps them find their own future stars later on.

Tom Searfoss Major League Gaming

The negatives of Major League Gaming

Rude players and hateful teams also show up. Immaturity reigns with certain players we will leave unnamed. However if you follow the scene at all, you have probably heard of some. Cheating is also rampant among the more casual games such as League of Legends. A bold claim? Yes. Here is the evidence:

Major League Gaming does step in to quash cheating sometimes. However it is something we should pay attention to. League of Legends is of course not the only game where cheating happens. It was just chosen as a prominent, modern example.

The unconfirmed rumors of Major League Gaming

There has been much speculation as to why MLG chooses some games. League of Legends and Planetside 2 are now going to be MLG games. The reasons for this are unclear, but there is much speculation from fans including:

  • Pay-offs from the companies
  • Choice of game by what is currently most popular
  • Legitimate interest of those who run MLG

You should take all of these with a grain of salt. Short of interviewing the heads of all companies involved we cannot get the whole story. Still these events and rumors have agitated some people in the gaming community.

Our opinion on Major League Gaming

Overall we believe that they were a good thing for gaming. It will help promote games, keep companies fighting to make the best 13 inch gaming laptop for the gamers to use and provide people with entertainment to watch so it seems like a win-win. They could use some harsher rules and judges for a few games. The only problem we would have is if Major League Gaming is just a place companies go to give their game legitimacy. If it gets to that point, we could see pro league electronic tic-tac-toe. But then, that might at least be funny.

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