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Studies Show Oculus Rift is a Hit with Kids

A new study from Dubit has stated that kids really love the Oculus Rift. Why not since it has bright colors and novelty. What this Means for Most of Us Now the project so many nerds were upset over when […]


5 Ridiculous Brick-and-Mortar Game Store Facts

We usually do very serious articles here but every now and then we want to do one that is a bit off the beaten path. So we’re going to bring you 5 silly, sad and funny facts about Brick-and-mortar game […]


Why VIP F2P will be the Standard

Many games today are taking advantage of the VIP F2P model to make a lot of money for their developers. However it seems that a few years down the line this will become the main profit model PC developers use. […]


On Awarding Games in Alpha

Today a press release came in for Wispering Willows being Greenlit that mentioned it was already award winning. A game I had only vaguely heard of and isn’t released is award-winning? After a bit of thought I realized this happens […]


Top 5 Ways the Oculus Rift is like the Ouya

The Ouya as many of us know has failed which will be most of what this article is about. However we think the Oculus Rift may be the next to go. Everyone loves lists so we’ll go over the situation […]