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KS Double Feature – Snappy Stencils

KS Double Feature is something we’ll be doing here and there. We’ll take a two Kickstarter projects in two genres and put them up at the same time. Our first one is Snappy Stencils. It is remarkable for reaching 400 percent funding in a very short time and being such a simple but useful idea. It allows you to easily create some cool patterns with an air brush or other tool.

Snappy Stencils Stormraven

The Snappy Stencils Themselves

These particular durable stencils come in a variety of shapes including:

  • Checkers
  • Blood
  • Flames
  • Diamonds
  • Camo

You simply hold the sturdy setup over your piece and spray it on. From science fiction to fantasy there are a ton of different styles to choose from. If you are a tabletop gamer there is some sort of pattern in here for you. There isn’t anything special about them except there are a ton of different designs to choose from. What does stand out is that they have had such a successful project.

Why the Snappy Stencils Kickstarter Stands Out

I have previously been under the impression that you need to have more expensive rewards to do well. I still believe this holds true if you are asking for 10K+ money. However this Kickstarter is at 4,000 and climbing. This is because they offered 15 designs for 25 British pounds. That is a really excellent deal all around.

This tells us who follow projects like this something interesting. It tells us that if you are going for a smaller funding goal then you should try to have a really good deal at a low price point. At the time of this writing they have 23 days left. You won’t be getting any special stencils but if you are a war gamer you can get a ton of useful ones. Be sure to check it out yourself.

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