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Fantasy Worlds Kickstarter Spotlight

We’ve gone over terrain for the war-gamer. Now let us look over some that works equally well for fantasy gamers. Fantasy Worlds has a very interesting product line coming out that we think fantasy tabletop gamers might like.

The Fantasy Worlds Kickstarter Offerings

This particular project is our favorite type. The type where you get concrete things you can actually use while gaming. This particular one has a wide variety of items from models to use in games along with terrain. A particularly good piece we are looking at is the Crystal Bridge above. As any seasoned tabletop gamer knows ice terrain is often harder to find and make. This particular one is already fully finished so we hope that they hit their stretch goals.

Fantasy Worlds Stretch Goal Crystal Bridge

At all levels you can get anything from a Cthulhu inspired bride to a crystal skull probably inspired by a bad movie. We can think of many uses for these from the next modeling project to simply sprucing up your table at home. Maybe your LGS could even use some more terrain.

Supporting the Fantasy Worlds Kickstarter

Projects like this are rampant in the Kickstarter terrain. Each one is an inspiration for any gamer who has said “man, I could do this better” than some of the bigger companies. In many ways it’s providing the competition that has at times been somewhat lacking in the industry (though nowhere near as lacking as some other industries). As usual check it out for yourself and make your own buying decisions. As for us we are really enjoying the possibilities for the crystalline structures they will be putting out. For those setting up a Kickstarter their add-on structure is interesting as it lets their donators order the pieces they want exactly. That’s something more projects should have.




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