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Exploring Tabletop Accessory Projects on Kickstarter

Tabletop accessory projects have always been popular on Kickstarter. However recently we are seeing them go up to several hundred percent funded over what they asked. There are a few reasons for this that we wanted to ponder with you.  You may even find one you like out of our examples. More practically you may find some advice on doing your own project.

The Universal Appeal of Crafted Projects

One reason people get these is that they are handcrafted with an old idea or at least have a new idea. People will jump on anything that looks original or comes at a good price. Many of these also come with multiple levels that are affordable like this one here.

Tabletop Gamng Projects Doublesix Dice

Outsourcing your Tabletop Accessory Projects

One project features a 12 sided die in the 6 side format. What is very interesting about it is that the guy making it is outsourcing it to China. Right now it has gone way above the funding goal so we would imagine he can keep the profit. It’s something you could do yourself.

Holiday Seasons Drive Spending

While you obviously aren’t going to get your gifts in time for this season, it does drive spending. It also drives donations to projects, etc. So if you have a project like this that makes a good gift you should plan your project around it. It sounds a bit too convenient but it’s also true.

 Buying or Developing Tabletop Accessory Projects

So what do you take away from this? It’s both a buyers and sellers market. As a buyer you can get some very nice stuff at a low price. As a project maker as long as you have an idea you can get some funding. In the case of this genre you can probably get quite a bit as well.



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