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Elliot Quest Kickstarter Spotlight

Elliot Quest is a spiritual successor to Zelda 2, of all games. With updated gameplay and retro visuals this indie project is shaping up nicely.

Elliot Quest Desert Locale

The Selling Point of Elliot Quest: Gameplay

The main problem people had with Zelda 2 was that it wasn’t polished enough. That’s what this game is looking to improve upon. With more items and gameplay elements than the original they are going to attempt to outdo the classic. So far we enjoy what they have done and think they can do even more in the final product. The art is also excellent while maintaining the retro style so many of us love.

The Story of Elliot Quest

In this one you play a main character who has not only lost his wife but is cursed to turn into a demon. Very bad things are happening to our hero and he has to find out why. As you roam through mythical lands you find out that some very powerful beings have a hand in ruining your life.

Why Elliot Quest is Interesting for Developers

As with many modern indie games they’ve gone an unexpected route with Elliot Quest. They got a Humble Store page and have a working alpha version before their Kickstarter is finished. What this shows us is that it doesn’t matter what order you develop your game in. What matters it that you take advantage of every avenue from store programs to distribution like Desura. It also has a development team from locations all over the western hemisphere, which is another trend to look at.

The Elliot Quest Kickstarter

The Kickstarter itself has the things you have come to expect like mentions in the game and input on design. It’s a fairly typical Kickstarter but worth the price due to the nice soundtrack and other bonuses you get. While the game is still in development you can test it for yourself here. If it passes your person taste preferences you should also support the Steam Greenlight for the game.

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