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Bundle Stars Reboot 3.0 Bundle Released

The Bundle Stars Reboot 3.0 Bundle is out now. As usual we’ll be bringing you an overview and some free codes later on our social media. So stay with us to find out whether you might enjoy these.

Bundle Stars Reboot 3.0 Bundle Games

The Bundle Stars Reboot 3.0 Bundle Games

This time they have a collection somewhere in the middle of Science Fiction and Medieval Fantasy. Here is a brief description of each of the Bundle Stars Reboot 3.0 Bundle:

  • Rune Classic is an old-style third-person action RPG with quite a bit of content. This one comes with the multiplayer expansion as well.
  • X-Blades is yet another third-person action RPG with a new art style and some advanced use of magic.
  • The Hoard Complete Pack is our personal favorite. It’s a very fun top-down destruction/gathering game with RPG elements. This is probably the best value in the collection.
  • Ion Assualt is a traditional shoot em’ up with an interesting scoring system which makes the game harder if you do well.
  • Knights and Merchants is a top-down RTS which deals with small battles and big economies. If you want to revisit some classic gameplay then take a look at it.
  • Planets Under Attack is another top-down RTS with a different focus. Location management is what matters with a huge number of fighters swarming through a small universe of planets.

Heavy on the strategy and fighting elements this bundle is probably best for an older crowd. Those who want a bit more thought out of their combat. If you are in that crowd it is probably a good purchase.

Getting the Bundle Stars Reboot 3.0 Bundle

For the first 48 hours you can pay $1.99 USD for this collection. The price will go up a bit later on though so if you are interested visit their site here. For what it’s worth we know Hoard is a very fun game without a doubt.

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