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Conquest Bundle Released

Bundle Stars has come out with yet another large collection of games. The Conquest Bundle comes with a variety of high-impact games around domination and exploration. Get some quite info on these and find out whether this one works for […]


Bundle Stars Reboot 3.0 Bundle Released

The Bundle Stars Reboot 3.0 Bundle is out now. As usual we’ll be bringing you an overview and some free codes later on our social media. So stay with us to find out whether you might enjoy these. The Bundle […]


Trainz Bundle Announced

Bundle Stars recently announced the Trainz Bundle. As you might expect this one is filled with games about trains. If you like trains as we do then you might want to check it out. So once again we’re here to […]


Bundle Stars Hacker Bundle

Many of you may have one piece or another of the Hacker Bundle. It contains the full collection of a series called Hacker Evolution. For those who are interested in actually get the full story the bundle is on now. […]


The Bundle Stars Underground Bundle

Some quite popular and innovative Indy games are in the new Bundle Stars Underground Bundle. We have a brief but useful rundown of what is in it and why packages like this are important for developers. The Underground Bundle Games […]