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Indiegala Announces Free Game Celebration

With the sheer popularity of a huge number of bundles IndieGala is rising as well. They’re offering a free game for having sold 1 million bundles. So we’re going to go over where this bundle has gone in the past, […]


Toxic Bundle Released

The Bundle Stars Toxic Bundle is out right now. The star of this one is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky so if you somehow missed it here is your chance. As usual we’re going to be going over each game, how to […]


Bundle Stars Reboot 3.0 Bundle Released

The Bundle Stars Reboot 3.0 Bundle is out now. As usual we’ll be bringing you an overview and some free codes later on our social media. So stay with us to find out whether you might enjoy these. The Bundle […]


Extreme Sims 2 Bundle Announced

The Bundle Stars Extreme Sims 2 Bundle has been announced. Along with the Indie gaming revolution has come a flood of sim titles. From roller coasters to warehouses just about everything is being simulated these days and we’re going to […]


The Devaluation of Games in Bundles

For many of our e-mail is crammed full of of ads for bundles. However just recently some of us have noticed that many of them are claiming they have groups of them worth over $100. There are many reasons for […]