BOOMBLASTIC Kickstarter Spotlight - Easy Shooting


BOOMBLASTIC Kickstarter Spotlight – Easy Shooting

BOOMBLASTIC is a new and easy way for you to model weapon blasts, flamers and even lasers on your models.


Installation is quite simple, just plug and play.

Advanced Plug Technology

A small plug fits into the end of the weapon. You can remove it, glue it in or even possibly magnetize it with a bit of work. While certainly intended for 40K many models work well for fantasy as well.


Artists will be happy with the additional customization each model provides.


Each mold comes unpainted so you can create whatever effect you want from the design. It would be nice if these were standard issue with many models.


Noxious weapons look a bit more threatening with additional smoke modeling.

Fantasy Options

For those who play fantasy games including “Warmahordes” there are many options in that area as well. Smoke molds allow you to create a “toxic” look for your weapons.


As you can see these pieces add a bit of extra “oomph” to any big gun in the 40k universe.

Wargames Bakery and Quality Work

For those of you unfamiliar with the creators the work comes from Wargames Bakery. We’ve donated to their projects before and the results were great. You can rest assured that they will put out a great product.

Temporarily Rebuilding

For the moment you will just have to trust us on that as they are rebuilding their website. Until it is done they have a temporary page that you can check out here. Their basing pads were quite nice when we used them last time.



BOOMBLASTIC flamers add a bit of an extra touch to any dragon or mutated creature that you want to model.

Supporting the BOOMBLASTIC Kickstarter

For one pound you will receive their thanks and that’s about it. For ten pounds or around $15 USD you can receive sprues as detailed in the Kickstarter itself. We will probably get a sprue or two ourselves as well.



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