ZHEROS Review - Astonishingly Average

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ZHEROS Review – Astonishingly Average

ZHEROS attempts to bring a wacky, space-themed setup to the Beat Em’ Up genre. So far the game has been polarizing for fans and we’re going to explain to you why.

ZHEROS Mechanized Suit

Mechanized suits are quite fun in this game. We wish the entire game centered on them.

Mech Suits: The Best Part of the Game

By far the most fun you can have in ZHEROS comes from the powerful mech suits. It allows you to crush smaller enemies and blaze through areas or fight larger foes on an even playing feel. The problem is that the suits have limited energy and you don’t have them most of the time.

Upgrade System

Expanding the customization options would improve this game in dozens of ways.

Limited Customization for Characters

Many modern “Beat Em’ Ups” use extensive character customization to liven up the gameplay. ZHEROS has this but only on a minimal level. You can up offense, defense, or mobility but only in small ways. These do give you new combos but those grow stale. Upgrades do not have much depth in this game.

Standard Grunts

You will see a lot of these enemies.

Enemy Diversity, Time, and ZHEROS

After playing for a bit with a teammate we both realized something. There is some okay enemy variety, but new types don’t appear at a decent rate. Which means you’ll be seeing the same enemies for long periods of time.


When a new enemy appears it is a cause for celebration.

Unfortunately this bogs down the pace of the game quite a bit. Killing the same enemy or set of enemies over and over is a major problem with many games in this genre. Unfortunately ZHEROS falls into the same pitfall.

Amusing Sight Gag

We have to admit this made us chuckle.

“Voice Work”, Music and ZHEROS

What is most perplexing about the game is that the voice work is minimal. Much of the story comes through character reactions, growls, and moans. There are some good sight gags but the story feels uninteresting as a whole.


If they ever add full net code in the future this game will deserve another look.

Local-Only Multiplayer Problems

ZHEROS is much more fun with a friend. You get through maps faster and you can enjoy their company while waiting for a new enemy to show up. A two to four player option over net-play would be welcome in this game and improve it in so many ways.

Loading Screen

Even the loading screens look great.

Detailed Art in ZHEROS

The most impressive thing about the game would have to be the visuals. Detailed backgrounds brim with action and life.

Backgrounds on a Stage

The art director knew what they were doing on this game.

Many parts of the game world are beautiful with focused attention to detail. So if you’re in for a nice indie game with some colorful and endearing visuals this game might work for you.

Control Layout

We had no problems whatsoever with the controls in this game.

Why is ZHEROS Polarizing?

The game does a few things well like great arts and tight controls. It also does some things not-so-well such as characterization and variety. The truth is that the game falls in somewhere between amazing and terrible.

ZHEROS Shooting Mechanics

Shooting, charge, and air combo mechanics all work well.

Final Verdict 3/5- Average- It’s clear that someone put quite a bit of effort into ZHEROS. At the same time though, the game is good but not great in so many ways. Fans of the genre will enjoy the mix of mechanics which this game offers. Unfortunately they stopped short of revolutionizing the formula. The music is good, but does not deliver the epic feel you want from games like these. ZHEROS does not push the envelope or reinvent the “Beat Em’ Up” formula. For those who love the genre it’s worth the price on Steam. For those looking for the next evolution in gaming, this isn’t it.


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