WizKids Open Returns - Expanding Across Borders

WizKids Open 2016 Site

WizKids Open Returns – Expanding Across Borders

After quite some time the WizKids Open is back. HeroClix, Dice Masters and Attack Wing will all have major tournaments held starting in February and continuing for several months.

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Many players made great memories at these tournaments.

History and the WizKids Open

For those unfamiliar with these events it was a casual sort of competition. Many players really enjoyed this setup and not much has changed. If you enjoy any of these titles it’s a good way to step your game up just a bit.

National Chances and Prizes

Skilled competitors will earn great prizes and a chance to compete on the national level. For those wanting to go to extremely difficult tournaments this is your chance. We are also curious as to whether they will one day step up the competitive prizes in their games.

WizKids Open Stores

If you own a store then this is a competition that you should consider hosting.

Competitive Stores and the WizKids Open

For now the tournaments will take place in the United States. However additional competitions will be announced throughout Canada, Latin America and Europe. Here are the first stores hosting this event:

  • Battleground Games (Modesto, CA)
  • Coliseum of Comics (Orlando, FL)
  • Chicagoland Games (Chicago, IL)
  • Games and Stuff (Glen Burnie, MD)
  • Eternal Games (Warren, MI)
  • Highlander Games (Boynton, NJ)
  • Millennium Games (Rochester, NY)
  • Dragon’s Lair (Austin, TX)
  • Olympic Cards and Games (Lacey, WA)

Registering early on is important. If you register by 1/15/2016 then you have a chance to randomly win a great prize. Here are just a few of the promos:

  • 2015 DC Comics HeroClix: Brainiac Skullship Convention Exclusive
  • 2015 Marvel HeroClix: Supreme Intelligence Convention Exclusive
  • 2015 DC Comics HeroClix: Felix Faust Convention Exclusive
  • 2015 Marvel HeroClix: Doctor Strange Convention Exclusive
  • DC Comics Dice Masters: Mr. Mxyzptlk: 5th Dimension Full Art Card
  • Marvel Dice Masters: Hulk: Green Goliath Full Art Card
  • DC Comics Dice Masters: Guy Gardner: Blinding Rage Full Art Card

Some of these are quite rare and worth playing just to have a shot at them.

Getting Involved with the WizKids Open

Interested players should check out more information here and find out whether this is your kind of competition.  If you are lucky then a store near you will be holding a tournament. We wish you the best of luck in the competition as well.


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