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Trainz Bundle Announced

Bundle Stars recently announced the Trainz Bundle. As you might expect this one is filled with games about trains. If you like trains as we do then you might want to check it out. So once again we’re here to give you the rundown and let you decide for yourself if you want the bundle.

Trainz Bundle Train Example

The Trainz Bundle Games

All of the items currently in the bundle are centered around one game, perhaps the grandaddy of the genre: Trainz Simulator 12. With a massive collection of DLC it can be quite difficult to get them all outside of this. Here is what is included:

  • Trainz Simulator 12 itself, the classic game that so many of us enjoyed due to a wealth of features and the sheer silliness of videos we could make
  • Nickl Plate High Speed Freight, China Coal and BR Class 14 are all big, powerful hauling trains in the DLC here
  • Blue Comet, Aerotrain, Coronation Scott, and the Duchess are stylish mid-size ones for you to enjoy
  • The PRR T1 is somewhere in the middle of bulky and sleek with specific handling

So who is this package for? Anyone who wanted to get into it but didn’t have the money before. Some of you may already have a few pieces of this but it’s a good way to collect a bit more DLC or get a friend in.

Getting the Trainz Bundle

Right now you can get all the titles we talked about for $3.99 here. Most of the time even the DLC retails for more than that so it’s quite a large amount of savings for you of around $135 USD.

More Bundle Stars Giveaways

As we mentioned earlier we would also be having giveaways for the bundles as well. Here is one for their last bundle BrjwgmYTce7S. We hope that whatever fan gets it enjoys the games quite a bit.

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