Thermae Romae Review - Journey Through Time to Perfect the Bath


Thermae Romae Review

Thermae Romae a show about a man’s journey through time to perfect the bath.This show is not for children since a large portion of it is set in baths.

Thermae Romae is about Lucius, a public bath architect in ancient Rome. Lucius wanted to build a retro type of public bath house that wasn’t what was popular at the time so he was fired. When he is having a consolation bath with a friend Lucius finds a portal to another world. He uses the bath innovations he finds in that other world to improve bathing when he gets back to ancient Rome. Along the way he sees modern public baths, personal baths, outdoor baths, bath stores, and a hot spring village.

Thermae Romae Teaching

Sometimes this lady with glasses will come show up to talk about something from Rome.

Thermae Romae has horrible animation. The characters are just cut outs moved around in front of the background. They reuse the same motions like Lucius coming out of the bath repeatedly. It is a shame because the backgrounds and character designs aren’t bad, although they don’t really fit together. Overall I don’t think the animation makes this show horrible overall just campy.

The character designs in this show really stand out. Not really the main characters that show up repeatedly, but  the people in the background or that show up for only one episode. They made the robot faced man, paper bag head man, the lady with the hunch back and long nail, and many more strange characters. It doesn’t totally make up for the terrible animation, but it gives this show a little something extra.

Thermae Romae Jellyfish Bath

While the story is mostly about Lucius taking ideas from modern Japan back to Rome there is still quite a bit of comedy involved. Seeing how Lucius reacts to the modern age and misinterprets what he is seeing is the best part of the show. Like when the toilet played music and he thought their were slaves just waiting to play music for people. Also the hilarious random character designs they spread throughout are great. They also poke fun of events in history.

The opening for the show fits with the Roman bath theme of the show, but it is pretty boring. I prefer the ending which shows the whole show to its best. The contrast of modern items being used by the people of ancient Rome is nice and the music is really fun like the series.

Overall this series is not for everyone due to the strange premise and bad animation, but I think it is worth watching especially since it isn’t a very long show. This show has a lot more going on then it appears to on the surface.

Score: 4/5

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