The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version Review - Odd Dreams

The Rivers of Alice Extended Version Intro

The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version Review – Odd Dreams

In an industry already crowded by dream simulators as well as point-and-click games the Rivers of Alice: Extended Version brings you both. Can the setting carry this sort of gameplay?

The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version and Corridors of the Mind

Alice awakens one day to find that she is in a dream-like landscape. It is filled with bizarre creatures including spider women and sleepy bugs. Only by piecing together a puzzle centered on her necklace can she return to the real world.

The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version and Relaxing, Mellow Music

By far the best part of this game is the music. It’s great for relaxing to after a stressful day. Songs like these are useful for relaxation even outside the game.

Beautiful and Hideous Art

For fans of this game, the beautiful art is the selling point. Clearly some of it is quite impressive. Unfortunately some of it is also quite ugly. It creates one of the strangest art styles we’ve ever seen in any game.

The Rivers of Alice Extended Version Athena

Breathtaking, moving and amazing are all words for the art. Then you have this character here.

If this is meant to be jarring we would say that it worked. We aren’t sure whether that is a positive or negative for the game.

Music Puzzles, Clues and Perspective

Each puzzle works on different and strange aspects of the dream world. Musical flowers and spider web manipulation are just two of the many mechanics this game uses.

The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version Compared to Other Games

Unfortunately none of the puzzles in this game are original. Putting together an insect- like structure? We have all seen that in several old point-and-click games. Obstacles based on Musical plants? There are at least six games that readily come to mind with that puzzle.

The Rivers of Alice Extended Version Music Puzzle

While implemented well it’s quite obvious we’ve played games like this before.

Overall the biggest downfall of this game is that it doesn’t think outside of the box. We’ve been here and done this before many times.

Final Verdict: 3/5 – Average – Some nice music and a mixed art can’t save a game we’ve seen before dozens of times. If you are looking for a creepy trip through your mind this is probably not it. Only hardcore fans of point-and-click puzzle games should apply. If you are one of those then you can check it out on Steam right now.

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