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The Tapping Dead 2 Kickstarter Spotlight

We have a lot of people asking for mobile games to be covered here so we decided to cover a few on Kickstarter. The Tapping Dead 2 is one of those. This game goes with a decidedly more wacky take on zombies as you attempt to save your intrepid heroes from the walking dead.

The Tapping Dead 2 Summon Mode

The Tapping Dead 2 Gameplay and Modes

The game has several distinct modes we are going to go over for you:

Classic Mode has the gameplay of the first one that was quite simplistic but a fun workout for the reflexes. You tap away while saving your character from death with jumps, and interacting with the environment to protect him. This is essentially the story mode.

Panic Mode allows you to smash the hordes with objects all over the level, much more than in the other modes. You have complete control so use your tapping of god to save the day.

Summon Mode lets you use captured zombies much like Pokemon. Catch them all and then have them fight their brethren back.

The game also has a level creator as well. It is good to see the overall game evolving.  We so often see so many games, and especially mobile games, to simplify things in order to draw in more people.

The Tapping Dead 2 Kickstarter itself

The monetary amounts for this one are a bit lower than AAA titles so you can get in easier. Copies of the game, credit titles and much more are on the lower levels.

As you also might expect there are donation levels for zombie design, character design and even endings. It also goes without saying the beta is in there too.

Also let us know whether you would like to see more coverage on mobile games later on. We know it isn’t our usual thing.  We want to hear from you.





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