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Soul Hackers Information and Trailer

Soul Hackers is an upcoming Atlus RPG in the vein of other first-person RPGs of the past.

What is Shin Megami Tensai Soul Hackers?

When the timeline is mentioned, this game comes up. When someone forgets how many games are in the series, this is here. Soul Hackers is in many ways the missing link. You play as a hacker with a mysterious computer. This computer looks like a gun, and can summon demons. It can also interact with and control them. As usual very unsavory things are happening around where you live. In Soul Hackers you have to uncover the mystery of this strange computer and challenge incredible powers. The final and most incredible opponents await you at the end of your quest. It also sets up connections to characters and events in future games, or so some claim.

Shin Megami Tensai Soul Hackers World Map

The Gameplay of Shin Megami Tensai Soul Hackers

The gameplay is classic in every sense of the word. It combines JRPG elements with a first-person view. It is obviously very similar to the interface used in the older versions of these games. This however, is an updated interface for 3DS. It looks quite stylish while keeping close to the original.


Another important part of the earlier game was loyalty. You had to make sure your demons were loyal to you. This could be done in a variety of ways. We would wager a guess that you can no longer download them to a “Pocketstation.” Which makes us wonder if any new ways to increase loyalty will be added?

Ordering Shin Megami Tensai Soul Hackers

You can expect many retailers to stock this game, if sometimes in small quantities. If you want to find out more or pre-order, then visit their main site. You can also check out additional information about the game there. But enough of that look below for the video trailer showing off the gameplay. So far it is looking good.

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