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Citizens of Earth Review

Citizens of Earth borrows many elements from the classic Earthbound. From tone to actual gameplay it is much like an updated version of the title. The Citizens of Earth Story In this game you play as the Vice President of […]


Daylight Review

Atlus has decided to start acting as a publishing company for many smaller developers. Daylight is their latest game from that area. It’s an atmospheric horror game that attempts to frighten players with the unknown. We’re going to see how […]


Atlus and Nintendo Pair for Promotion

Nintendo has become an excellent partner for Atlus lately. As such they are pairing up for a promotion. If you register both Shin Megami Tensai IV and Fire Emblem Awakening with Club Nintendo you get a $30 Nintendo eShop Credit. […]


Zeno Clash 2 Ready for Preorder

Zeno Clash 2 is now out on Steam to bring you the non-traditional FPS once again. Today we want to go over a few changes we previously skimmed over. The game has evolved in a very real way and we […]


Dragon’s Crown from Atlus Information

Dragon’s Crown is the new upcoming brawler from Atlus. It features four-player cooperative action. It also has epic fantasy flair and multiple characters to choose from. Dragon’s Crown Gameplay The game itself plays like a normal brawler. You control one […]