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Sonic Boom Info and Impressions

Sonic Boom is yet another restart for a series that has been struggling to stay relevant for years. The other restarts didn’t make it the top game in the industry so they are going to continue restarting. SEGA clearly ascribes to the definition of insanity. So today I personally am going to lambast this predictable and somewhat annoying turn. As a disclaimer this isn’t about bashing the series, it is about the fact that it should be so much better than it is. This is one place where the old times really were better.

Sonic Boom Characters

On the Sonic Boom Redesign

As usual SEGA takes one step forward and two back. Amy is an independent woman with bandages. Sonic is a hipster Texan with bandages. Knuckles is a football player with bandages. Finally tails is a mechanic/pilot with bandages around his feet. Robotnik mostly looks like his old self however we are sure there is a bandage in there somewhere.

Sonic Boom and the Fans

No matter what the game is or what happens with it, there will always be Sonic fans. Even Sonic Unleashed could not deter people. That is why no matter how this game is, it’s going to sell to some degree. It is probably why they keep redoing the games.

Why is Sonic Boom Annoying?

Because in the old days we didn’t just do one game. Sure they were a bigger company, but they tried other things. You had normal Sonic but you had Spinball as well. If that didn’t work you could go play Herzog Zwei. Our point? Sega has stopped trying new things. Let us go down their current catalog:

  • Typing of the Dead Overkill, rehash of Typing of the Dead
  • Sonic and All-Stars a racing game they’ve already done way earlier
  • Company of Heroes 2 a good strategy game, but nothing new
  • Aliens Colonial Marines which is absolutely disgusting

So why does this new game bother me as a person? Because it’s going to be another rehash of their games with old gameplay and concepts. Running through stages with small abilities and the trailer has dubstep. This is where gaming is going and it’s pretty unfortunate.

Sonic Boom is Changing the Series

So the real reason? It is changing from a full game series to a series for kids. Sonic Boom as you can see above is the TV trailer. We are a bit confused by no one is saying “excuuuuse me princess” but hey it’s what they want to do. Now it is going to be about desperately trying to get new fans and the money of their parents. Quality games will not be the focus.

It would be good to see a return to the old days of the original games, or even the first Dreamcast adventure would be fine. If you are a fan you can root mindlessly for the new design or you can take notice of where the series is actually going. You decide.


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