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Project Stealth Smoke Gameplay

Project Stealth Kickstarter Spotlight

Some of you may have gotten to play a few of the great multiplayer modes in the earlier Splinter Cell games. They had stealth specialists sneaking around and trying to avoid other players with some large guns. Project Stealth is going to make that mode into an entire game.

2 v 2 Gameplay and Project Stealth

The core of the gameplay relies on two teams. The spies have nonlethal weapons and must sneak in order to get their objectives done. To make up for this they have a variety of useful vision modes and distraction devices.

Project Stealth Spies Stalking

On the other side you have the mercenaries who are meant to defend the objectives. They cannot sneak but have large guns, mines and other trackers to hunt with. Each side has to either kill or distract the other long enough for them to finish the mission.

Project Stealth Vs Splinter Cell

So how are they improving on the older formula? There are a few ways we will go over for you:

  • New equipment such as sound detectors and a sonic gun which can damage sensors and stun mercs
  • Side objectives such as knocking out lights and blocking paths
  • Match-making with a server browser
  • Hallucination gas with some very weird effects
  • A Fan Locator to see who is playing in your city
  • A Map Editor for those who want to put their own content up
  • Cosmetic Perks which look cool but don’t give a side an advantage

So there you have it. We hope they add some more later on as well but we’ll see.

Supporting Project Stealth

While most of the bonuses are normal ones like the game and soundtrack, a few are a bit strange. For example if you get one tier such as the 22 Euro one then you get the previous tier and you can apparently buy a future tier at a discount. While we think the game is nice it looks sort of strange on the layout so we are curious as to how it works. Take a look for yourself.

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