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Nourin Review

Nourin is about an agricultural school that covers all aspects of agriculture down to teaching people how to sell the products. Kousaku is the main character and he has two love interests in the show. His childhood friend, who desperately wants him to be with her. Then there is an idol that Kosaku sent produce to that suddenly quits to come to his school. Together with two other members of their class the group share the wonderful aspects of farming as well as the things that can break a farmer’s spirit. Along the way the group finds plenty of time for ecchi moments.

The characters are for the most part pretty well done. They all have their own motivations that are shown throughout the series. Most of them have to do with farming. They do not change a lot throughout the series, but it is nice to see an ecchi show where the characters care about more than the opposite sex.

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The main story of the show is the love triangle between Kosaku, Ringo, and Minori. It is not the best love triangle since he barely pays any attention to Minori always favoring Ringo. So if he absolutely had to choose one it would obviously be Ringo. He does show indecision sometimes though like when he tries to explain through talking about the city and the country why he should get both girls. That appeared to be a way to not get tied down to any one girl more than indecision between the two. They are pretty young to already be deciding on marriage.

The side story about the farming is the more interesting aspect of the show. This is where the show shines and it brings up many things that bother modern farmers. For instance the fact that their offspring want to leave to go to the city because agriculture does not hold an appeal for them. Their way of life could die out and new people from the city do not know what they are doing and will easily leave after being frustrated. Also the topic of small organic farms versus large mass producing farms came up. These are just a few of the topics that come up over the course of the show. All of them introduced in an audience friendly fashion that does not drive people away with boredom.

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Overall the show has a lot more going on that it initially appears to. While the ecchi and harems aspects are there a lot of time is spent on real life concerns for farmers. It is just displayed in more attractive packaging. The show will reach people that normally would not know anything about farming and that is nice.

Score: 4/5

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