Noragami Review


Noragami Review

Noragami is about a god named Yato that does not have a temple and has to do odd jobs to earn his way. This is also so that people will remember him and he will continue to exist. A human girl tries to save Yato and becomes half-phantom. Yato is supposed to try to help Hiyori become normal, but he mostly ignores that request. Not long after Hiyori joins Yato, he gains a new weapon named Yukine that has a hard time dealing with his new situation.

Noragami Yukine almost phantom

A large portion of Noragami explores Yukine dealing with his new circumstances. He is dead, but he is still having to deal with the land of the living while not being a part of it. He has to watch people the age he is supposed to be doing normal things while he has to help them and live a very poor existence. It is not surprising that he has to be shown the error of his ways and that he was hurting others. Unfortunately since most of the show is about this the show feels like it is still in the early parts of the story when the show is over. Yukine had just become a full partner to Yato and it is over.

Noragami Curse

The end of the anime is filler which was a bit disappointing. The very ending did not turn out exactly as I thought it would. It had a lot of ups and downs ending with the show implying a relationship between Hiyori and Yato that is not mentioned at all in the manga which is a horrible way to end it. The best part was when Noragami revealed why Rabo was trying to fight Yato. Rabo wanting to be destroyed by someone that understood his plight rather than slowly disappearing showed some of the same feeling that was in the rest of the show. For filler the Rabo portion turned out a lot better than  it could have been, but it still needed a bit more backstory.

Noragami Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori

The characters all are pretty engaging since they have struggles that the viewer can identify with. Yato wants to be a famous god with all that comes along with it. He sees all the other gods with everything and he is working hard to achieve what came easily to them. Yukine is jealous of other people his age that can do normal things. It is a lot like people with illnesses that can not do things that other people can. Those are a couple of examples, but it makes the characters feel very realistic and easy to relate to.


Overall Noragami was pretty much perfect up to the point where the filler came into play. Hopefully Noragami will get a second season at some point, so that the next arc will be animated. It would be great to see it because that arc is the best so far.

Score: 4/5 Would have been higher, but the ending was too far off track from the manga.

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