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Nerd culture in the Mainstream

Slowly, and surely, being a nerd has become mainstream. Gaming has become mainstream. We want to stop for a moment and go over the many ways things have changed.

The old days of being a Nerd

The old days, and we mean the really old days, of being a nerd were not so great. We had games like pong and joust. We never had things like poker or could gamble on sites like Youlikebet. But whilst we loved those types of games, they were seen as odd to many people. Being one really meant something, even if it was difficult. Many of us had glasses or allergies. This often led to a lot of bullying and being treated wrong. However, it was also a badge of honour You could enjoy standing out. For many of us, it meant being smarter than those who made fun of you.

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One of many ways being a nerd has changed.

The shift on being a Nerd

As everyone had always joked, each nerd grew up. Little Nerdlingers such as Bill Gates and Harlan Ellison grew into power, fame and wealth Suddenly it made sense to be a nerd. Plus these were feel-good stories. People don’t want to read about the handsome jock bully who went on to success. Nor do they want to hear about the jerky fratboy who made it to the top. In many ways, it became an age of nerds. Hence our name.

Nerdy pursuits reaching the mainstream

Let us look specifically at one example of how the mainstream is reaching into gaming. A hardcore, high-quality poker site is now interested in gaming. There are plenty of non UK casinos available to play online where users can play games like poker and blackjack, winning real money while playing at home. This kind of thing would have been unheard back when video games were first invented, but now it can be as easy as by clicking here or elsewhere and placing a few simple bets online. Back then, you would only be able to play poker at a licensed casino. Traditional gaming is now deeply intertwined with regular video games. This is partially due to the fact that gaming is available everywhere from your mobile devices to your televisions. Just check out a few of the places you can play poker and other games here. This new trend of formerly mainstream games being widely available electronically has led to an age of people who play games. From now on we’ll see people you never would have expected playing games of all types. Online poker, courtesy of Agen pkv games, has become a hotbed of nerdy individuals putting their exceptional intelligence to good use.

You are still not a Nerd if

  • You just put on some glasses for the humor of it
  • You never had to face any scorn for being one
  • Angry Birds is your most hardcore game, and you are “such a nerd” for playing it
  • You became one to be trendy

Hipsters vs Nerds

What is a bit amusing, is that the older nerds really dislike hipsters. Even though hipsters fit many of the same requirements the older nerds met. Why is this? Well, true nerds do not like things ironically. They don’t listen to bad music because it’s hip. For the most part, we didn’t have a superiority complex just for standing out. So the tension there, is natural. Ironically, hipsters are the ones that the nerd torch has been passed to, much to the chagrin of many of us.

On the future of being a Nerd

As much as we may lament it, things have changed. For the better, people will be bullied less for nerdy pursuits. On the downside, when everyone is a nerd, no one is. This is perhaps not something good or bad, it is just something that is.

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