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Mutant Chronicles Kickstarter Spotlight

Mutant Chronicles is a lesser known RPG with a very interesting background and is getting an update through Kickstarter. We think it is worth thinking outside of the box when it comes to nerdy things so we are going to go over it today.

Mutant Chronicles Kickstarter Game Pages

Why Mutant Chronicles Stands Out

The game itself has carved a significant niche out. While not well-known to everyone the fans of it are fiercely loyal which is all any developer can ask for. This has led to, at the time of this writing, a massive Kickstarter amount of 73K British pounds.

The Gameplay of Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition

This edition combines D20 elements with cinematic gaming as well. They are sort of trying to find the middle ground between the D20 system and cinematic fighting like in exalted. There are also attributes, item stats, etc. The things you come to expect. If that sounds like it is good for you then keep reading.

Mutant Chronicles Pope

The World of Mutant Chronicles

It is the post apocalypse and you need to pick sides quickly. You can either be a brute, a noble or somewhere in between. No matter which side you pick mutation, magic and mechanics play a big part in the adventure. This particular edition focuses on the Dark legion and how they operate. Something fans have been waiting on.

The Mutant Chronicles Kickstarter

Those who donate of course can get multiple player’s guides among other bonuses. Large donators can get a humanoid size miniature made for them based on their artwork with 10 copies. What is interesting about these goals is that only a few such as a short story, that let the donators be in the game. It is popular anyway so perhaps there is something to learn there. If you are interested in expanding your horizons then check out their Kickstarter page and donate.



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