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Mojang settles with Bethesda

Despite the fact that they both have a questionable history with bugs, Mojang and Bethesda are two of our favorite companies. This is because they both give smaller sites a chance with their press. We were crushed when we found out that they were fighting over Scrolls. Fortunately they have come to an agreement recently.

The beginning of Mojang vs Bethesda

For those who don’t know, it wasn’t really Bethesda that started the fight. Zenimax Media, the parent corporation of Bethesda, had their lawyers serve Mojang. Bethesda, unfortunately, got caught up in the media scandal. But such things are normal when your parent company does something you may or may not agree with.

The middle of the fight between Mojang vs Bethesda

The middle of the fight actually got quite ugly. New threats were being made all over the place. And Notch was relentlessly teasing the companies threatening him. He even, at one point, challenged them to a quake-off. It even lead to them putting the unusable quake-mode field of vision into Minecraft. Well that and the fact that Notch also loves quake. Bethesda kind of had to sit and deal with the whole situation. It did not hurt them in a big way, but it must have been annoying. This is one of the sad parts of the industry, if your parent corporation gets into a fight you get roped in with them.

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And finally, the end of Mojang vs Bethesda

Very recently, Notch posted that they had settled. Most everyone rejoiced, although the actual details seem strange. Apparently Bethesda gets the trademark but allows Mojang to use the name. While this agreement will work fine for now, it might cause problems later. This is because if Mojang wants sequels to Scrolls, they will have to create a new agreement. If it is a one-shot game, it will be fine. We hope that it all works out.


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