Mayan Death Robots Review - Godly Gameplay

Mayan Death Robots Title Screen

Mayan Death Robots Review – Godly Gameplay

Mayan Death Robots stars two robots fighting for the fate of the Mayans and also for huge ratings on space television. An exciting setting comes with even better gameplay.

Mayan Death Robots Intergalactic Television

It’s time to destroy a good chunk of the earth. Don’t worry, it’s all for entertainment.

Intergalactic Gameshows and Super Robots

Being a Mayan Death Robot can be tough, fortunately you are never out of work. Xamanek, Owner of the hit intergalactic show Mayan Death Robots, wants you to be his next big star.

Worms at Base

Worms is the closest corollary to the game. This game is a turn-based, tactical shooter with platforming elements. You play an immortal, super-powered robot attempting to destroy the enemy power core so they cannot respawn. But the game is so much more than that.

Mayan Death Robots Weapon Wheel

Both players get a random weapon every few turns to spice the game up even more.

In many ways it’s an evolution of the genre. NPC factors spice up every fight along with new, unlockable weapons every few campaign levels. No two games are the same because you don’t just have different weapons. You are playing two vastly different characters.

Mayan Death Robots Ice

Ice storms freeze everything and everyone equally.

Incredible Stage Design

Every stage actually changes the game as well. Weather conditions can freeze you to death; flooding occurs forcing you to drown your opponent and much more. Humans sometimes even steal your spacecraft and crash it into things.

Impressive Animation

At base you might not be amazed by the graphics in this game. But once you play it you will notice that everything is animated. During the match everything moves including fires, settlers and especially the robots.

Character Select

Each character plays in a completely different way. From normal rockets to monkeys throwing bananas every character is refreshingly unique.

An Actually Diverse Cast

In many games like this one you can choose from a diverse cast of the same character. Fortunately, that isn’t true here. Want to pull your opponents into lava using gravity bombs? They have that. Want to shoot directly through a block and hit the enemy core on the other side? You can do that too.

Mayan Death Robots Itzamna

Unlocking the robots is a big part of the fun.

Different “Mayan Death Robots” do better in different situations. For example the God of the Moon is great in a 1v1 scenario but does poor damage to bosses. Conversely the God of the Sun has nuclear attacks that are great against bosses.

NPC Factors Make Mayan Death Robots Incredibly Fun

Killer snowmen, meteor storms and Vicious Mayan attackers are all part of the game. Random events make every single match exciting. Sometimes several will happen at once. This always throws the match into absolute chaos.

Mayan Death Robots Tohil

Once Tohil starts destroying the stage, there isn’t anything left.

Even beyond that there are tons of bosses. Some deal light damage while others literally rip the entire stage to shreds. A few can destroy every foothold on the stage, although they will make new ones. By dealing the boss significant damage you get a huge boost to your attack power.


Reinventing the Genre

Despite all these factors it’s hard to explain the huge leap forward this game has made in the genre. Things players have wanted for years in this type of game are all in Mayan Death Robots.

Final Verdict 5/5 – Unbelievable – Mayan Death Robots is easily one of the best games we have played all year. Not only does it improve and sometimes re-imagine the formula for this type of game but the sheer amount of content is amazing. You could play 300 matches against a friend and not see the exact same match twice. Random events are the future with this type of game and Mayan Death Robots has them in spades. If there is anything wrong with the game, it’s that things can become a bit hard to see when fighting near the top of the screen (at certain resolutions). Other than that the game is absolutely amazingly fun. We highly recommend that you check it out on Steam or even buy it for $13.49 USD


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