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M.A.V. Kickstarter Spotlight

Ever play Chromehounds? If so then we don’t need to tell you about it. If not we want to mention it was a charming and action packed mech title with great customization. M.A.V. is attempting to bring that same style to a new game and it works for us.

M.A.V. or the Modular Assault Vehicle

For those who love games like Armored Core this is a big deal for us. The biggest part of the game is that you can interchange hundreds upon hundreds of parts in order to create a completely unique setup.

Just like in other games there is a point system which allows you to add more guns. There will be all kinds of treads, legs and guns for you to throw on your setup. Even the AI has scripts for building M.A.V.s. The depth will be what makes or breaks the game.

A M.A.V. Campaign

So what is the one thing I personally look for in any game more than anything else? A persistent world map with resources like in Dragon Commander or Dawn of War. Probably the #1 thing I look for in any war game. This is what they are going to attempt to do in M.A.V. as well. There will be other modes such as Arena and Siege but campaign mode really stands out.

M.A.V. Tank Combat

Guns will vary as well and you can even create support mechs that repair others, set up turrets or jam communications. The level of variety is looking good.

The M.A.V. Kickstarter

You can of course pledge early on for their Kickstarter.  The lower tiers are what you would expect with copies of the game. Higher tiers include your name on parts manufacturers and custom levels for you. Even if you just get a copy of the game it seems like an excellent game to support.

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