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Ludum Dare 24- Why it Matters to us

Ludum Dare 24 and why Ludum Dare is still special

Ludum Dare is the one place where indie stars get their start. Whether you want to practice or be noticed by the press, it is for you. It is a small competition that grows every time. Some of the lead attractions such as SoS also help run it. This gives people an opportunity to learn about all aspects of game creation.  In many ways it is a contest by and for the indie developers. Therefore it holds a special position with us.

The latest Ludum Dare

We have extensively covered Ludum Dare in the past. Their event keeps getting more and more efficient. Sos Sosowski even set up a page for pruning entries. This is a heads up to those of you out there who want into the industry. There are connections you can make, just put yourself out there. You might meet some friendly people at this contest.

Ludum Dare 24 IRC

Companies should take notice as well

One area that big publishers have neglected is contests like this. Not all of them, but the vast majority of developers and even publishers dismiss this. This event is a great place to recruit and network. If you have ignored it before now, you should definitely check out their IRC. This is where those without heart get pruned. Where the people who really have the heart for it get in the game.

Ludum Dare Theme Voting is Now Open

Be sure to check out their main site for voting. Competitions will be run all over the world and thousands will be watching. It is a bit late to get into the main competition. However there will always be more competitions, and you can learn. You can even decide to help out a team or the competition itself. Overall there is something for everyone who wants to get involved.


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