Krosmaster Arena Review - Solid Wakfu Tactics

Krosmaster Arena Nox Loading Screen

Krosmaster Arena Review – Solid Wakfu Tactics

Krosmaster Arena is a turn-based strategy game with adorable “chibi” characters from Wakfu.

Krosmaster Arena and a Surprisingly Deep System

Factions, buffs and debuffs are all in the game and each character has different options in that area. There are also many systems for winning the game in alternative ways from just killing your opponent.

Krosmaster Arena Complex Battle

Each battle has a variety of factors from buffs and debuffs to elevation bonuses.

Methods to upgrade your character during the fight are also a big part of the game. All of this adds up to a game with deep mechanics. It is more than we expected from a Wakfu strategy game.

Krosmaster Arena Real Board

Promo figures are the best way to get codes.

Real World and In-game Models

Some boxes in the real world come with codes for in-game characters. This is a nice mechanic we’ve seen in a few games and we are glad they continue the tradition here.

Krosmaster Arena and the Paywall

Unfortunately there is one significant drawback to the game and it’s a paywall. If you’re a huge fan of the game and spent money on promos you’ll have a huge advantage. The same goes for those who buy all the extra packs on Steam.

Krosmaster Arena Figure Select

While the number of characters to choose from is excellent it can be a bit of a wall for new players.

Therefore someone who has the money to put together the perfect team will have a huge advantage over other players. If you check out the Steam page here you’ll see the majority of helpful negative reviews are about this fact.

Inconsistent UI Features

We noticed that the UI is sometimes inconsistent. For the most part it works great but when adding your buffs to the characters it says to drag them. At times we would drag them 10+ times to the top or to the bottom (box) of the character and it would snap back.

Krosmaster Arena Turn Bonus

Things became a bit frustrating after dragging the buff over for the 5th time.

Eventually we realized you should just click the buff and then the bottom box on the character. However the game does not make this clear and even gives you other directions.

Grinding in Krosmaster Arena

The previous point heads into this one. You can grind enough points to buy a decent number of figures but that takes a huge amount of time. For those without the money to skip the grind it can really bog the game down.

Final Verdict 3/5 – Average – Krosmaster Arena is a good port of the tabletop game. It has the depth and pace to create an incredible skirmish game. Unfortunately a paywall bogs the game down for many new players. UI problems also break up the flow as well. Despite these problems it’s a really solid (and free) game that you should check out if you are a Wakfu or even a tabletop gaming fan. We will also be streaming the game and giving away some free elite pack codes on our Twitch stream so watch for those.



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